6G72 24v

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This page refers to the 24 valve 6G72 V6 used in the TE through TJ Magna. For information on the 12 valve V6 used in the Second Generation Magna/Verada see 6G72 12v. For other versions of this engine see 6G7x family.

The 24-valve 6G72 is one of several variants of the 6G72 engine. As with it's 12 valve sibling used in the TR/TS series it is a 3.0 litre 60º V6 with single belt driven overhead camshafts.

The differences between the 24 and 12 valve SOHC 6G72 are:

  • Mounts on the left-hand side of the engine bay (see the Engine side mount page for more information)
  • 4 valves per cylinder (24 valves in total)
  • Two-piece alluminium and steel oil pan
  • Spark plugs located centrally above the combustion chamber
  • Metal head gaskets
  • Discontinued Variable Length Inlet Runners.

Two variations of the 24 valve SOHC 6G72 engine were used in the Magna. One was used from the TE through TH models and the other in the TJ Magna. The latter used different camshafts which retarded the timing slightly to improve emissions.

The 24 valve SOHC 6G72 was built solely at Lonsdale and was exported throughout the world.

Technical Specifications

Type Transversely mounted 6 cylinder in vee configuration with 60 degree bank angle. Single overhead cam with 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement 2972cc (3.0 litres)
Bore 91.1mm
Stroke 76mm
Maximum oversize 1.00mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Firing Order 1,2,3,4,5,6
Power Output 140 kW @ 5500rpm, 255 Nm @ 4500 rpm on standard unleaded fuel
Type Alluminum Alloy with pentroof combustion chambers and centrally mounted spark plugs
Inlet Valve Diameter 34.30mm
Exhaust Valve Diameter 31.8mm
Valve Face Angle 45 º
Valve Clearance Maintained by hydraulic lash adjusters
Inlet Opens 9º BTDC
Inlet Closes 59º ABDC
Inlet Duration 248º
Exhaust Opens 47º BBDC
Exhaust Closes 21º ATDC
Exhaust Duration 248º
Overlap 30º
Inlet Cam Lobe Height 37.58mm
Exhaust Cam Lobe Height 36.95mm
Inlet Opens 15º BTDC
Inlet Closes 53º ABDC
Inlet Duration 248º
Exhaust Opens 53º BBDC
Exhaust Closes 15º ATDC
Exhaust Duration 248º
Overlap 30º
Inlet Cam Lobe Height 37.71mm
Exhaust Cam Lobe Height 37.14mm
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