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4B11 engine.jpg
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Also called World Engine
Production 2005 - present
Configuration Inline 4
Cylinder block alloy Aluminum die cast
Cylinder head alloy Aluminum die cast
Valvetrain Direct acting DOHC with continuously variable MIVEC on intake and exhaust
Predecessor Sirius (4G6x)
Successor 4J1x

The 4B1x family are all aluminum 4 cylinder engines designed by Mitsubishi, Hyundai and DaimlerChrysler under the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA). Mitsubishi's engines are built at Shiga in Japan. All feature double overhead chain driven camshafts with four valves per cylinder and MIVEC on both intake and exhaust valves.

The 4B1x is the successor to the famous Sirius engine and was designed to meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements.


The 4B10 is a 1.8 Litre engine displacing 1798cc. It has a 86mm x 77.6mm bore and stroke with a 10.5:1 compression ratio. It outputs 105 kW at 6000 rpm and 177 Nm at 4250 rpm.

It is not widely used in Australia.


The 4B11 is a 2.0 Litre engine displacing 1998cc. It has a "square" bore with a bore and stroke of 86mm with a 10:1 compression ratio. Power is 113 kW at 6000 rpm and torque is 198 Nm at 4000 rpm.

It is used in the CJ Lancer and XA-XD ASX

4B11 Turbo

The 4B11 Turbo is a turbo-charged version of the 4B11. It has a lower compression ratio of 9:1. The engine doesn't use balance shafts. The 4B11 Turbo is equipped with a single-scroll turbo for the Lancer Ralliart and a larger twin-scroll turbo for the Evolution.

In the CJ Lancer Ralliart, the engine outputs 177kW at 6000 rpm and 343 Nm at 4750 rpm. In the Evolution X, the engine outputs 217 kW at 6500 rpm and 366 Nm at 3500 rpm.


The 4B12 was the first 4B1x series engine to arrive on the Australian market, debuting in the ZG Outlander.

The 4B12 is a 2.4 Litre engine displacing 2359 cc. It has a 88.0 mm x 97.0 mm bore and stroke with a 10.5:1 compression ratio. Power output is 125 kW at 6250 rpm and torque is 226 Nm at 4100 rpm.

It is used in the ZG/ZH Outlander, CJ Lancer Aspire and CJ Lancer VR-X.

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