Saturn 6

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Saturn 6 (6G34)
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Configuration Inline 6
Cylinder block alloy Cast Iron
Cylinder head alloy Aluminum alloy
Valvetrain Chain driven SOHC

The Saturn 6 was Mitsubishi's only petrol in-line 6 cylinder engine. It was based on the 4 cylinder Saturn, being a Saturn with 2 cylinders grafted on. It used an alloy head with cast iron block.

The Saturn 6 was only produced in one model, the 6G34. The 6G34 displaced 1994cc (2.0 litres) and had a chain-driven overhead camshaft with 12 valves. It was fed with a 2 barrel carburettor and produced 95 kW and 167 Nm of torque. It was never used in Australia and only fitted to the Debonair from 1970 through 1976.

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