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Ks front.jpg
Magna Equivalent: TS
Released March 1994
Discontinued April 1996 (Sedan), February 1997(Wagon)
Preceeded by KR
Replaced by KE
Engines 12 valve 6G72 3.0L V6
Transmissions F4A33 (4Sp auto)
Model Designations Ei, Ei Touring Wagon, Xi

The KS Verada, like it's TS Magna brother was a mid-life facelift for the second generation family.

Compared to the KR, externally the KS had a smaller front bumper, split grille and parabolic headlights. The rear gained a body-coloured rear facia. On the inside, the KS had updated interior fabrics to "modernise" the vehicle.

As with the KR, the Ei was available in both sedan and wagon form, while the Xi was available as a sedan only.

Equipment was up on the KR, with the Ei now coming standard with engine immobiliser, ABS, 6 speaker CD player and alloy wheels in addition to the climate control, cruise control, power mirrors, power steering, power windows, dash mounted analog clock and imitation wood panelling that was available on the KR. A driver's side airbag became optional on the Ei.

The Xi included everything that the Ei featured (including airbag) as well as two-tone paint, power sunroof, ETACS alarm system and electric seats.

In December 1995, a limited edition of 81 manual and 99 automatic "Ei touring wagons" were built. These were built to celebrate the Magna/Verada's export success. The touring wagon featured everything the Ei had as well as a trip computer and sunroof. To date the touring wagon has been the only manual Verada built.

The main change to the KS came with the electronic controls. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Module (TCM) were now capable of communicating with each other, which Mitsubishi called "Total Control by Computer". In previous Magnas the ECU and TCM shared inputs but did not actually communicate. In the KS, a three wire communications channel was added allowing the engine and transmission to be matched during upshifts - reducing rough gear changes, putting less strain on the transmission and giving a more responsive drive.