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KM210 Manual Transaxle

The KM210 (also known as F5M31) is an 5 speed manual transaxle which was fitted to TN through TS 4 cylinder Magnas.

It differs from the previous KM164 in that 5th gear is activated directly from the selector (whereas the previous manual was activated using a vacuum servo and switch) and 5th gear has it's own gear (instead of high and low gears on the input shaft).

The KM210 can also handle more torque than it's predecessor and was used in turbocharged models overseas.

The most common fault with these transaxles is gear crunching on downchanges, normally when going into 2nd and 3rd gear. The problem was caused by a faulty 1-2 syncroniser assembly and a faulty 3-4 syncroniser spring. This problem was acknowledged by Mitsubishi in a Technical Service Bulletin.

Technical data

Lubricant 75W/85W Hypoid Gear Oil
Capacity 2.5 Litres
Clutch Plate Diameter 225 mm
Clutch Operation Hydraulic
Final Drive 3.411
1st 3.166
2nd 1.833
3rd 1.240
4th 0.896
5th 0.666
Reverse 3.166