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The KM164 is an 5 speed manual transaxle which was fitted to TM model Magnas.

The KM164 is interesting as it uses a vacuum servo to select what is seen by the driver as 5th gear, which is achieved by changing a gear on the input shaft. When 5th gear is activated - the transmission remains in 4th gear and the high ratio on the input shaft is selected. Essentially the transmission in the transaxle is a high/low ratio unit, however this is only ever used when the vehicle is put in and out of 5th gear unlike some other vehicles.

The KM164 was superseeded by the KM210 in TN and TP models.

Technical data

Lubricant 75W/85W Hypoid Gear Oil
Capacity 2.3 Litres
Clutch Plate Diameter 215 mm
Clutch Operation Hydraulic
Final Drive 3.187
1st 4.070
2nd 2.244
3rd 1.467
4th 1.105
5th 0.855
Reverse 4.109