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The F5M33 (also known as KM215) is a 5 speed manual transaxle built by Mitsubishi and used in V6 TR and TS Magnas.

It was introduced in Australia in 1993, when the 12-valve V6 became an option on the TR Magna. By this time Mitsubishi had rectified the syncro problems that had occured on pre-1991 KM210 transmissions.

The Magna came with two versions of the F5M33, one which required a 27 tooth splined driveshaft (marked F5M33-2-SNZJ) and the other (marked F5M33-2-SNQJ) which could be used with either a 25 teeth splined driveshafts.

The F5M33 was very similar to the KM210/F5M31 used in 4 cylinder TN through TS models, except for revised gear ratios and a twin cone syncroniser assembly on second gear. As the contact area of the syncroniser was increased, the syncroniser assembly was more efficient and reliable.

The clutch plate was also different for the F5M33, with the outside diameter remaining at 225mm, but the inside diameter became 150mm (down 5). The starter motor was also repositioned for the V6 engine.

Technical data

Lubricant 75W/85W Hypoid Gear Oil
Capacity 2.0 to 2.5 Litres
Clutch Plate Diameter 225 mm
Clutch Operation Hydraulic
Final Drive 3.437
1st 3.090
2nd 1.833
3rd 1.217
4th 0.888
5th 0.741
Reverse 3.166