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The F1CJA/W1CJA transaxles are CVT units featuring INVECS III technology and were used in the Seventh Generation Lancer and Second Generation Outlander. They are the same basic transmission with the W1CJA having a transfer case added for all-wheel drive applications. Some vehicles have a tiptronic gear selector, where the transmissions simulates having six distinct gear ratios.

The transaxles are manufactured by Jatco who identifies them as the JF011 or CVT2 and are designed for medium torque applications (up to 250Nm). They have been used in a variety of applications in vehicles from Suzuki, Nissan, Jeep and Dodge.

The transaxles employ an electronically controlled torque converter (to assist in take off), forward and reverse clutches, reverse planetary gear set, two pulleys/variators and a steel reinforced push belt. Ratios are controlled using a stepper motor, ratio control valve, secondary valve and secondary pressure solenoid which change the effective diameter of the pulleys thus changing the ratio.

Technical data

Lubricant Mitsubishi CVTF-J1
Capacity 7.1 Litres
Transfer Case Lubricant (W1CJA) Hypoid Gear Oil SAE80
Transfer Lubricant Capacity 0.47 Litres
Torque Convertor Stall Ratio (4B11 engine) 1.99
Torque Convertor Stall Ratio (4B12 engine) 1.83
Torque Convertor Stall Speed 2,400 - 2,900 rpm (all applications)
Torque Converter Clutch Control Electronic, locks up around 19 Km and remains locked until vehicle slows down
Ratio Range 2.349 to 0.394
Reverse Ratio 1.750
Final Drive 6.466
Transfer Gear Ratio (W1CJA) 0.425

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