Transmission Codes

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Mitsubishi's transmissions and transaxles have been identified with a five digit code since at least the late 1980s. The naming system used is:

  • The first character indicates the type of driveline. F - Front Wheel Drive, W - Transversely mounted all wheel drive, R - Real Wheel Drive, V - longitudinally mounted four wheel drive
  • The second character is the number of forward gears
  • The third character is the type of transmission. M - Manual, A - Automatic, C - CVT
  • The fourth character is either the manufacturer (C -Chrysler, G - Getrag, J - Jatco) or other series number is produced by Mitsubishi
  • The fifth character is an identifier of the revision of the transmission.

The model code will typically be followed by an alphanumeric code identifying the vehicle and/or engine the transmission is for and the design level.