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The Mitsubishi Galant has been in production from 1969 to present in various forms. The 5th Generation Galant formed the basis of the original Magna, while the 9th Generation Galant is the vehicle the Magna's successor, the Mitsubishi 380 is based upon.

1st Generation

The First Generation Galant was produced from 1969 until 1972. It was quite a small car, being similar in size to a Datsun 1600. It was available with a 1.3 or 1.5L 4 cylinder engine in 2 or 4 door style with 3 speed automatic or 4 speed manual transmissions in a rear wheel drive package.

From 1970, a pillarless hardtop was introduced with a 1.6L engine.

In Australia this vehicle was sold as the Chrysler Galant GA.

2nd Generation

The Second Generation Galant was based upon the first generation and was produced from 1972 until 1976. This was sold in Australia as the Chrysler Galant GB,GC,GD. It was available in sedan, hardtop and wagon form.

Available engines were 1.3, 1.5L and 1.6L Saturn 4 cylinders as well as 1.85L and 2.0L Astrons. Transmissions were either a 3 speed automatic or 4 speed manual.

3rd Generation

The Third Generation Galant was built from 1976 until 1981 grew in size over it's predecessor and became known as the Chrysler Sigma GE/GH in Australia. The Third Generation was available with a 4 speed manual 1.6L Saturn, 3 speed auto or 4 speed manual 1.85L Astron and 3 speed auto or 4 or 5 speed manual2.0L Astron and from 1980 3 speed automatic or 5 speed manual 2.6L Astron. A special version was also built in the GH series with a 2.0L engine and turbocharger.

The Third Generation also introduced the hardtop Galant Lambada orSapporo/Scorpion (in Australia)/Dodge Challenger (in non-Japanese markets) which had a 2.0L engine (with the 2.6L optional) and 4 wheel disc brakes.

4th Generation

The Fourth Generation Galant was similar in size to the Third Generation, but gained more modern styling. It was built from 1980 until 1987. For the first time the Galant received one-piece headlights instead of the then standard twin round/rectangular lights. The sedan and hardtop were all new, while the wagon had the same rear end with the new nose.

In Australia this vehicle was sold as the Mitsubishi Sigma GJ,GK,GN. The vehicle was available with the following drivetrains:

5th Generation

The Fifth Generation Galant has it's own page. For detailed information please see 5g_galant

This is the vehicle the original Magna was based upon. It was produced from 1984 until 1987. It was slightly larger than the generation before it and was the first Galant to use a front-wheel drive layout. It was also the first Galant to feature fuel injection, 4 speed electronic automatics and the now legendary 4G63 engine.

Engines included:

There were also 3 speed automatic transmissions, 4 speed automatic transmissions and 5 speed manual versions available.

6th Generation

The Sixth Generation Galant used the same basic platform as it's predecessor but received taller and rounder styling. It was produced between 1987 and 1992. In 1988, the Galant Eterna, a hardtop liftback was introduced.

The Sixth Generation Galant also introduced the VR4, a Galant with 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer and the 2.0L 4G63 DOHC turbo engine to be later used in the Evolution Lancer.

Another 4WD variant was also produced in Europe, the GS-4 with a 1.8L Saturn engine with turbocharger.

The 6th Generation Galant featured a mindboggling combination of drivetrains, all with 4 speed electonic automatic or 5 speed manual.

7th Generation

The Seventh Generation Galant was a sleeker and slightly longer car than it's predecessor. Produced between 1992 and 1996, it was available in sedan, hatchback and hardtop versions.

All engines in the Seventh Generation were new to the Galant. The 1.8L 4G93 4 cylinder, 2.4L 4G64 4 cylinder, 1.8L V6, 2.0L V6 and a 2.0L 4D68 turbo diesel were all available depending on the market in which the vehicle was sold.

The VR4 continued, but received the 2.0L V6 6A12 Twin Turbo engine in place of the old 4G63.

A GF4 variant also appeared, being a 4WD with the diesel engine.

8th Generation

The Eighth Generation appeared in 1996, being a simple redesign of it's Sevent Generation predecessor. The Eighth Generation continued with the 1.8L 4G93 and 2.4L 4G64 four-cylinders, some available with 4WD and introduced the 2.5L V6 6A13, 2.0L 4G94 4 cylinder and 12 valve 3.0L V6 again depending on the market in which it was sold.

From 2000, 2.0L 4G94 and 2.4L 4G64 versions became available with GDI.

In some parts of the world, the Eighth Generation Galant is still available for sale.

9th Generation

The Ninth Generation Galant has it's own page. For detailed information please see 9g_galant

The Ninth Generation Galant is produced solely in North America and exported to the Middle East and China as the Galant Grunder.

The 9th Generation Mitsubishi Galant was released in North America for the 2004 model year and is the basis of the Magna/Verada's replacement the Mitsubishi 380.

The 9th Generation Galant was a huge step up from the 8th Generation Galant. The 9th Generation came with two new engines (a 2.4 Litre 4 cylinder with MIVEC and a 3.8 Litre V6). Both are simplier yet more powerful than those used in previous Galants.