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The F5A51 is an electronic 5 speed automatic transaxle by Mitsubishi used in the J through W series Magna/Verada.

All versions used in Australia have had "tiptronic" or sports mode functionality. The F5A51 is very similar to the F4A51 4 speed automatic. It uses a two-shaft design and features INVECS II technology.

Initially the F5A51 was only available on the TJ Sports and VR-X. The F5A51 later became optional on the TJII Magna Advance and standard on the KJII Verada.

The F5A51 became the standard automatic transmission across the range for the front-wheel drive L and W Series Magna/Verada.

Technical data

Lubricant Mitsubishi ELC-4 ATF, Castrol TQM-SP, Valvoline Type M-II Special
Capacity 8.5 Litres
Torque Convertor Stall Speed 2100 - 2600 rpm
Final Drive 3.684
1st 3.789
2nd 2.057
3rd 1.421
4th 1.000
5th 0.731
Reverse 2.726