5g Lancer

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Fifth Generation Lancer
Also called CA/CB Lancer
Available in Australia September 1988 - September 1992
Body and chassis
Body style(s) 3 door hatch,
4 door sedan,
5 door hatch.
Drive Front-Wheel Drive
Designer Masaru Furukawa
Engine(s) 1.5L carburetted 12-valve SOHC Orion,
1.5L EFI 12-valve SOHC Orion,
1.6L EFI DOHC Sirius
Transmission(s) F5M31 5 Speed Manual
KM170 3 Speed Automatic
F4A21 4 Speed Automatic
Length 3960mm (3 door), 4235mm (4/5 door)
Width 1670 mm (3 door)
Height 1380 mm (3 door), 1405 mm (4/5 door)
Kerb weight 1070 Kg (GSR 3 door),
1000 Kg (4 door),
1055 Kg (5 door)
Fuel capacity 50L
Predecessor 4th Generation Lancer (Not available in Australia)
Successor 6th Generation Lancer

The Lancer nameplate re-emerged in Australia in September of 1988 with the introduction of the fifth generation Lancer, designated as the CA. The last time a car bearing the Lancer badge was sold in Australia was in 1981 with the Chrysler Lancer. The third generation Lancer was sold in Australia as the Mitsubishi Colt.

CA Series

The CA Lancer launched in Australia in September 1988 initially only as a four door sedan with the 1.5L carburetted 12-valve Orion engine and a choice of 5 speed manual, 3 speed auto or 4 speed auto (depending on variant).

In 1989, the range expanded with the five and three door hatches being added to the model range in Australia. Electronic fuel injection become standard on the SE and SX variants starting in 1989 increasing power to 61 kW and 126Nm.


At launch, the GLX was the base model in the Lancer range. The GLX was available with the 1.5L carburetted engine with choice of 3 speed automatic or 5 speed manual transmission and featured a two speaker radio cassette stereo. It was available in both the four door sedan and five door hatch.


In 1989, the GL was slotted in the model line up below the GLX as the new base model. Available as both the four door sedan and five door hatch, the GL was powered by a carburetted 1.5L engine with only the 5 speed manual transmission. Features were modest with a two speaker radio cassette stereo.