2g Sigma

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Second Generation Sigma
Chrysler GE Sigma Wagon.JPG
Also called GJ, GK, GN
Available in Australia March 1982 - March 1984 (GJ)
March 1984 - July 1985 (GK)
July 1985 - 1987(GN)
Assembled/Built Australian flag.png Tonsley Park, South Australia, Australia
Body and chassis
Body style(s) 4 door sedan,
4 door wagon.
Drive Rear-Wheel Drive
Related Mitsubishi Galant
Engine(s) 2.0 and 2.6L carburetted Astron
2.6L carburetted Astron II (GN)
Length 4,470mm (Sedan/Wagon)
Width 1,690mm (Sedan), 1,670 mm (Wagon)
Height 1,370mm (Sedan/Wagon)
Predecessor 1st Generation Sigma
Successor TN Magna