2g Astron II

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Second Generation Astron II combustion chambers
Rocker gear on the Second Generation Astron II
Second Generation Astron II dished pistons

The second generation Astron II was fitted to fuel-injected TR and TS models.

The revised Astron II included "kidney shaped" combustion chambers in the cylinder head, roller rockers, dished top pistons and the self-adjusting balance shaft chain adjusting mechanism fitted to late model Astron IIs.

The quickest way to identify the second generation Astron II from the original is to look for a knock sensor under the injection plant. First generation Astron IIs do not even have a hole for it. Other methods are by it's engine number (prefixed by W531, W532) or by the casting number on the head. Second generation heads are marked "M9".

As a result of these modifications the compression ratio raised to 9.2:1 and power rose to 98kW @ 4750 rpm (103 kW if ran on premium unleaded thanks to the knock sensor included as part of the engine management system). Torque also rose to 212Nm @ 3750 rpm.

Technical Specifications

Type In line 4 cylinder overhead cam with counter balance shafts. Transversely mounted
Displacement 2555cc (2.6 litres)
Bore 91.1mm
Stroke 98mm
Maximum oversize 1.00mm
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Firing Order 1,3,4,2
Power Output (EFI) 98 kW @ 4750 rpm (103kW when running PULP), 212 Nm @ 3750 rpm
Type Alluminum Alloy with hemispherical combustion chambers and crossflow design
Inlet Valve Diameter 46.00mm
Exhaust Valve Diameter 38.00mm
Valve Face Angle 45 º
Valve Clearance Maintained by hydraulic lash adjusters
Inlet Opens 25º BTDC
Inlet Closes 61º ABDC
Inlet Duration 266º
Exhaust Opens 66º BBDC
Exhaust Closes 20º ABDC
Exhaust Duration 266º
Overlap 45º
Inlet Cam Lobe Height 42.50mm
Exhaust Cam Lobe Height 42.56mm
Nominal Cam Lift 10.50mm
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