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The F5M51 is a 5 speed manual transaxle used in the TE through TW Magna and the DB 380 with V6 engines and front-wheel drive.

The F5M51 is a much simpler design to the transaxles used in earlier Magnas. It uses a two-shaft design (whereas the older transaxles used three) and doesn't need to reverse the torque before output. On earlier Magna/Veradas the torque had to be reversed because the engine rotated in the opposite direction to the wheels.

Instead of using a conventional flywheel the F5M51 uses a three piece flywheel and flexible plate assembly to reduce drivetrain vibration.

Technical data

Lubricant 75W/85W Hypoid Gear Oil
Capacity 2.8 Litres
Clutch Plate Diameter 240mm (3.5 and 3.8 Litre V6), 225mm (3.0 Litre V6)
Clutch Operation Hydraulic
Final Drive 3.722
1st 3.583
2nd 2.105
3rd 1.407
4th 1.031
5th 0.761
Reverse 3.416
Final Drive 4.111
1st 3.333
2nd 2.105
3rd 1.407
4th 1.031
5th 0.804
Reverse 3.416