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  • the name Mitsubishi gives to it's Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). As with the previous [[INVECS II]] system, it can self-learn and adapt it As with all CVT transmissions, INVECS III provides an infinite combination of ratios betwee
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  • [[Image:F1CJA Valve Body.png|right|350px]]The Jatco JF011 CVT transmission, referred to by Mitsubishi as the [[F1CJA]] and W1CJA) is know [[Category: CVT Transaxles]]
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  • The '''F1CJA'''/'''W1CJA''' transaxles are CVT units featuring [[INVECS III]] technology and were used in the [[Seventh Ge The transaxles are manufactured by Jatco who identifies them as the JF011 or CVT2 and are
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  • Mitsubishi's transmissions and transaxles have been identified with a five digit code since at least the late 1980s. ...hird character is the type of transmission. M - Manual, A - Automatic, C - CVT
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