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This tutorial provides a rough outline of how to contriubute to the site. For a comprehensive guide to editing MediaWiki (the software behind the Mitsubishi Magna Encyclopedia) based sites please view Mediawiki help for editors.

Uploading Images

If you wish to have images on your page, it is easier if you upload them before editing/creating a page. To upload an image use the Upload file link in the toolbox on the left or visit Special:Upload.

When you upload a file please specify the terms for reuse. Suggested terms are:

  • free - The image may be used and edited by anyone.
  • with permission - People intending to use or edit the image on a site other than the Mitsubishi Magna Encyclopedia must contact you to seek permission. Other terms and conditions may apply.
  • free to use only with attribution - The image is free to use on another site so long as the author is attributed. The image may not be edited without permission.
  • not at all - The image may not be reused by anyone else and may not be edited. The image may only be used on this site where it's author places it.

Please be aware that the administrators of this site may delete images for any reason'

Starting the page

To start a page you need to think of a name. The name should be clear and meaningful. For example, if you were to write about the manual transaxle in the TP you wouldn't choose "TP Manual" but instead "KM210" (the name of the transaxle used).

To start a page type into your browser's address bar where mypage is the name of the page you wish to create.

If the page does not exist you will see a page stating that "This apge contains no content". Click Edit at the top of the page to open the editor.

Editing the page

Editing pages on the site is not terribly hard. Enter your content in the text box and use the toolbar at the top of the editor as required for sections, bold text, image insertion and links. Shortcuts include:

[[Image:file.jpg|align|thumb|thumb size|caption]]

This inserts an image into your page, aligned where specified (left, right, center), with a thumbnail (if required) of size thumb size. You should also specify the caption. Thumbnails used on this site are commonly 200px.

Bold text

'''This is bold'''

Three ' indicates that you wish this text to be in bold.

Italic text

''This is italic''

A pair of ' indicates that you wish for the text to be in italics.



This indicates a section heading. When there are many section headings on a page, a contents box appears at the top of the page to ease navigation.



This indicates a sub-section, works similar to a section.

Internal Links

[[Internal Link]]

Links to an internal page by it's title. If you wish for the text displayed to be different to the page name follow with a |text name inside the brackets.

External links with your own text

[ external link]

Links to an external page, displays the text "external link" as the link text.

External links in referencing style


Links to an external page in reference style. The link text is a number surrounded by brackets.

When finished click the save page button. To view a preview click Show Preview.

Editing another's work

Wikis are intended to be collaborative works and as such users can edit each other's work. This can be done by opening the page and clicking Edit at the top.

Before editing a page created by someone else you may like to contact them first. This can be using their User talk page, to find this click History on the page you are editing, locate the user and click talk.


ALl pages should belong to at least one category. To look for existing categories visit [{Special:Categories]]. To use a category in your page use:

[[Category: The Category]]

Featuring a car

Please ensure if you are featuring a car on the site that the page name begins with Featured: (so for CarX you would have Featured:CarX). at the bottom of your page. If a category doesnt exist, you may create one just by specifying it in your page.


Vandalism is a problem on wikis because of their open nature. If you spot a page that you believe has been vandalised, feel free to contact Cartman or the site administrator. They should be able to fix the problem.

Need help?

If you need help you can always use this page and ask for help. Click the link then click Edit on the page that opens.