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All Mitsubishi owners are encouraged to create a page for their car on this site. The idea is similar to the one used on sites such as Car Domain with the exception that only Mitsubishis are to be featured.

Things you might like to include on your car's page include:

  • Brief history
  • Modifications/Work
  • Planned Modifications/Work
  • Photographs

You are free to upload photographs for use on your page, so long as you specify in the summary terms upon which others can use the image (free, with permission, not at all, etc).

When creating a feature your car page please prefix it's title with Featured: (e.g. Featured:CarX).

At the bottom of your page make sure you link to the featured cars category using the following:

[[Category:Featured Cars]]

For information on creating a page on the Mitsipedia see the tutorial