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Manufactured 25 May 1988
Model TN Magna
Variant Elante
Engine Second Generation 2.6L Astron II
Transaxle KM210 (5Sp Manual)
Owner Cartman02au
Owned Since November 2003
In the snow
Backside view
Driver's seat
A sad day for the old girl, being placed on a trailer

My beast is an 1988 Mitsubishi Magna Elante in Cherry Red.

I swapped my old TP Magna Safari (which cost me $2000) for the Elante in November 2003. Prior to that it was owned by a member of the family for 12 months (I wanted the car the first time I saw it and it took me that long to get hold of it!).

The car is pretty much stock except for the TR EFI engine, nolathane front suspension bushes and a Pioneer single CD player. The stock bodykit, seats, lowered sports suspension and 15" alloys all remain.

Death of an Engine

In May, 2005 to my complete surprise the engine that was in the car blew a big end bearing with no warning. After being flat-towed home and pulling the engine down it was discovered that the engine had been oversized and had been reconditioned (new chains, pistons and rings). The head had also had a polish. For some reason the person who spent all this money on the engine used el-cheapo big end bearings, they just decinigrated in their caps!

After investigating possible options I found a brand spanking new Astron II block, pistons and rings. I also managed to get my hands on an TS EFI engine which had also spat a bearing (for the higher compression head). After needing the car in a hurry a TR EFI engine was installed (with it's higher compression and roller rockers).

Once the new engine was installed with the old crunching 5-speed I went for a drive. I drove 4Km and a nasty sound came from the transaxle. Thinking that it had dropped it's input shaft, I drove it home where it later made a trip to a mate's workshop.

Upon removal of the gearbox, it was discovered that the flywheel had come loose, even though it had been tensioned and loctited as per the Mitsubishi service manual. When it was put back together, I used a grade of loctite different to that specified by Mitsubishi (the stuff that must be heated to 300ºC before it comes loose) and installed a new transaxle that I had located (that didnt crunch!).

Work Done

  • Tyres, Cleaned-up, replace rear facia
  • Cleaned clear coat off wheels
  • Steering rack
  • Nolathane front suspension bushes
  • Brand new clutch master and slave cylinders
  • New clutch and pressure plate
  • TR EFI Engine
  • Non-crunching KM210 manual transaxle to replace old crunchy box
  • Replace and paint bonnet, repaint front spoiler and bumper bar


  • Build and install brand new engine block. Will be using TN style flat pistons with a TS head for around 10:1 compression. Also gains roller rockers.
  • Respray in Cherry Red (original colour)
  • Any other work necessary!