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The F5M42 is a 5 speed manual transaxle used in the TE and TF Magna with the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine.

The F5M42 is a much simpler design to the transaxles used in earlier Magnas. It uses a two-shaft design (whereas the older transaxles used three) and doesn't need to reverse the torque before output. On earlier Magna/Veradas the torque had to be reversed because the engine rotated in the opposite direction to the wheels.

Instead of using a conventional flywheel the F5M42 uses a three piece flywheel and flexible plate assembly to reduce drivetrain vibration.

Technical data

Lubricant 75W/85W or 75W/90W Hypoid Gear Oil
Capacity 2.1 Litres
Clutch Plate Diameter 215 mm
Clutch Operation Hydraulic
Final Drive 3.722
1st 3.583
2nd 1.947
3rd 1.379
4th 1.030
5th 0.820
Reverse 3.363