Torqueflite MA904A

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Right hand side of a Torqueflite automatic

The Torqueflite MA904A or Baby Torqueflite is a 3 Speed Automatic transmission made by Chrysler and used in the first generation Sigma behind the 2.0 Litre Astron. The transmission is similar to the Torqueflite used in 6 cylinder and V8 Chryslers - with the torque converter reduced in size from 273mm to 241mm.

The transmission consists of two clutches, an over-running clutch, two servos and bands and two planetary gear sets. Kickdown is actuated by a kickdown cable connected to the throttle rod.

Technical data

Lubricant Dexron IIB
Capacity 6.4 Litres
Torque Convertor Stall Speed 2200 - 2600 rpm (Model 4028427)
1950 - 2400 rpm (All other models)
1st 2.45
2nd 1.45
3rd 1.00
Reverse 2.21