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Neptune (4G4x)
1.2L 4G42 in a Lancer A71
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Production 1971-1979
Configuration Inline 4
Cylinder block alloy Cast Iron
Valvetrain Overhead Valve
Predecessor JH4
Successor Orion (4G1x)

The Neptune (or 4G4x) family of engines were a family of inline 4 cylinder engines featuring cast iron blocks, alloy heads and are of a overhead valve (pushrod) design. They were produced from 1971 through 1979.

The Neptune family replaced the JH4 which Mitsubishi had been building under licence from Willy's. The engine was shortlived, with it unable to meet increasingly tougher emissions regulations in the 1970s, leading to it being replaced by the Orion.


The 4G41 is a 1.4 Litre engine displacing 1378cc with a 76.5mm x 75.0mm bore and stroke. It has a compression ratio of 9.0:1. It was available with a single barrel Stromberg carburetor producing 63 kW at 6000rpm and 115 Nm at 4000rpm and a double barrel Stromberg carburetor producing 70 kW at 6300rpm and 121 Nm at 4500rpm. It saw service in non-Australian Galant FTO, Delicas and in FG14 forklifts.


The 4G42 is a 1.2 Litre engine displacing 1187cc with a 71.0mm x 75.0mm bore and stroke. Using a compression ratio of 9.0:1, it produced 51 kW at 6000rpm and 95 Nm at 4000rpm. It saw service in non-Australian A71 model Lancers.

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