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The F5MG series of transaxles are 5 speed manual transaxles built by Getrag and used in the RG and RZ Colt. They are designed to be compact and lightweight.

The F5MGA is a Getrag 452 and used in low torque applications. It can withstand up to 155 Nm of torque. The F5MGB is a Getrag 453, which is strengthened over the F5MGA and capable of handling up to 230Nm of torque.

Technical data

Lubricant 75W/90 API GL-4
Capacity 1.75 Litres
Clutch Operation Hydraulic
  F5MGA (4A91) F5MGB (4A15T)
Final Drive 4.158 3.737
1st 3.308 3.538
2nd 1.913 1.913
3rd 1.258 1.344
4th 0.943 1.027
5th 0.763 0.833
Reverse 3.231 3.357