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The F4A4x series are a series of 4-speed automatic transaxles used by Mitsubishi in a variety of vehicles. They are used in vehicles where the engine mounts on the left hand side.

All use a 3-element, single stage, two phase torque converter. Gear ratios are the same in all of the F4A4x, with the final drive ratio being modified for each application.

The F4A4x is similar to the F4A51 automatic used in early third generation Magnas.

Compared to earlier Mitsubishi automatic transaxles, the F4A4x:

  • Uses a two shaft design instead of three to reduce weight
  • Uses metal plates
  • Deletes the one-way clutch
  • Uses an external oil filter
  • Increases oil cooler feed tubes to two, instead of one

Technical Specifications (Common)

Lubricant Mitsubishi ELC-4 ATF, SPII, Castrol TQM-SP, Valvoline Type M-II Special
Capacity 7.8Litres
1st 2.842
2nd 1.529
3rd 1.000
4th 0.712
Reverse 2.480


The F4A41 saw service behind the 4G92, 4G93, 4G13 and 4G15. All variants use a final drive ratio of 4.042, with the exception of the F4A41-1-U8A2 which was used in the Eurpoean Mitsubishi Charisma and used a final drive of 4.407. This transmission uses 3 clutch discs for underdrive, 3 for overdrive and 2 for reverse. It uses 4 low-reverse brake discs and 2 second brake discs.


The F4A42-1 saw service behind the 4G93, 4G63, 4G64 and 6A12. It was similar to the F4A41, except that it added a clutch disc for both underdrive and overdrive (making 4 each), added a low-reverse brake disc and second brake disc, bringing the totals to 5 and 3 respectively.

Final Drive Ratios

Transaxle Used in Ratio
Most F4A42-1   4.042
F4A42-1-U6A1 Galant (6A12) 4.407
F4A42-1-E8A Carisma (4G93 with GDI) 3.770
F4A42-1-U5A1 RVR (4G93 with GDI) 4.407


The F4A42-2 was used with the 4G64 and 6A13 engines. When used with the 4G64 it had a final drive of 4.042 and 3.770 with the 6A13. The only difference between this model transaxle and the F4A42-1 is that it uses four second brake discs instead of three.