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The 4G9x family are a series of in-line 4 cylinder engines by Mitsubishi. They range in size from 1.5 to 2.0 litres. Unlike the Astron and Sirius engine families, the 4G9x family does not feature balance shafts.

The 4G9x family engines have a cast iron block with alluminium head and belt driven overhead camshafts.

As with most of Mitsubishi's modern engines, the 4G9x family can have numerous variations within the same engine model.


The 4G91 is a 1.5 Litre engine displacing 1496cc. It has a 78.4mm bore 77.5 mm stroke. Both the SOHC and DOHC featured 4 valves per cylinder. The 4G91 was not widely used in Australia.


The 4G92 is a 1.6 Litre engine, displacing 1597cc. It utilises a 81.0x77.5mm bore and stroke. Mitsubishi versions of this engine were available in both SOHC with 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC and DOHC with MIVEC technology. A 12 valve SOHC version was also produced for Proton. In Australia the 16 valve SOHC unit was used in the CC Lancer.


The 4G93 is a 1.8 Litre engine with a displacement of 1834cc. It uses a 81.0x89.0mm bore and stroke and is made in 4 valve per cylinder SOHC, DOHC, DOHC turbo and DOHC with GDI forms.

In Australia the SOHC engine was used in the CC-CE Lancer and Pajero iO. The DOHC turbo engine was fitted to the CC Lancer GSR.


The 4G94 is the largest of the family at 2.0 Litres. It has a displacement of 1999cc with a 81.5x95.8mm bore and stroke and is available in 4 valve per cylinder SOHC and DOHC with GDI versions.

In Australia the SOHC version was used in the CG and CH Lancer and Pajero iO.

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