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The Astron engine debuted in late 1974 in capacities ranging from 1.85 litres to 2.6 litres. It was the first engine to feature balance shaft technology, which was used to dampen rocking and vertical forces in the interest of smoothness.

The engine featured "hemispherical" combustion chambers and 8 valves per cylinder in overhead cam configuration. It was designed for use in rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles.

The Astron was used in both passenger and commercial vehicles. It was also available in both petrol and diesel forms.


A 1.85 Litre Petrol engine with a displacement of 1855cc. It used a 81.0x90.0mm bore and stroke and was used in early Galants and Sigmas.


A 2.0 Litre petrol engine with a displacement of 1995cc. It used a 84.0x90.0mm bore and stroke. In Australia this engine was used in the Sigma, Scorpion, L200 and L300.


A petrol 2.4 Litre engine with a displacement of 2384cc. Using a 88.0x98.0mm bore and stroke it was used in the Challenger and Canter.


The basis for the later Astron II used in the Magna. A 2.6 Litre (2555cc) petrol engine which came in two variants. A standard compression (8.2:1) version and a high compression (9.5:1) version. It uses a 91.1x98.0mm bore and stroke.

In Australia, the standard compression version was used in GH-GK Sigma, Scorpion, Canter, Express, Pajero, Triton and Mazda B2600 (Ford Courier). The high compression version was used in some GK and GN Sigmas.

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